Final Zwift of 2016

Before the New Year begins I wanted to get a final Zwift session in, nothing major just 10 miles to keep the legs turning over.

So into the garage I went at 0830 this morning, damn that was a fresh wake up call.

Nice to see Zwift changed all the cycling helmets, even if you wore one or not, I am from the not group, with a nice top hat.  I think it was very fetching!!!


Photo taken at the beginning of the ride, hence the low wattage and distance, honest.

I decided to utilise the GoPro with some short footage before tomorrow’s New Years Day ride.  Practicing my editing skills or I should say learning them once again.  It has been quite a few years.

I started to use the new Quik editing app from GoPro but that did not last very long.  I found the editing function easy but not as intuitive as I’d hope.  I gave up and opened the GoPro Studio app.  This does make editing a lot longer but gives you so many other options to play with.

Please excuse the state of the garage, it is on my to do list in 2017.

In the video I mention maxing out at 400w, unfortunately this is a limitation of my equipment and Zwift, not my legs.  I use Jet rollers and without power meters, Zwift limits by wattage to 400w.  I don’t think Cav would have anything to worry about.

If I had the money for both Garmin Vectors and a Tacx then Id be a very happy fellow.  Until then I’ll have to stay with 400w.

Happy New Year from all at Back On Track Cycling, see you in 2017


14 thoughts on “Final Zwift of 2016

  1. Scott you’ve just out a thought into my head when you mentioned Garmin Vectors. To connect to Zwift do you only need a Powermeter as a bare min?

    My TDF doesn’t output ANT+ data so I can’t use it for Zwift but you just got me thinking there with the Garmin Vector Pedals. Would that work?


    1. Hi Stu, I have had to ask but I would say if you have access to a pair to try then give it a go. You’ll need a Garmin dongle for your laptop/PC to speak to the Ant+ devices anyway. The Garmin Vectors measure wattage and cadence, as you know. The question is will Zwift take this information and give the speed for you. I have a colleague that uses Stages PM and Zwift with no issues.

      The other thing to bare in mind, as the TDF bike will be listed as an unnamed trainer then your power output will be restricted. I do not have PM at the minute and use an unnamed roller, I am restricted to 400w. With PM’s I would be restricted to around 650w.

      I hope that answers your question.


  2. I use Elite rollers + PowerTap G3 Hub on my bike for Zwift. Apart from an ANT+ dongle for the laptop that’s all I needed to get on the program. It seems to work pretty well and with the roller resistance on high I can spin up 500-ish watt peak in the little ring (about as high as I can push without getting too sketchy and in danger of falling off).

    I do like the freedom of riding rollers, but I’d love a KICKR or NEO for that fully interactive experience!

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