To Swain or not to Swain

It was very cold morning and at 0530 I set off for the big smoke.  My main job is in London and for those that commute know how painful that can be.  To pass the time before I start work I usually take in the bike.  This allows at least 90 minutes of riding and a coffee before the delights of the emergency service I work for.

I had planned on riding Swain’s Lane, London’s offering of a hill.  For those unaware of the Lane, it runs past Highgate Cemetery and around 3/4 mile in length and peaking at 12% on the final section.  It is a killer if completed as multiple reps but is a great area as there is very little traffic.

Looking at some of the roads I decided that my ability to climb and stay up right may come into question so concluded, no Swaining for me, well for today anyway.

Wrapped myself up, base layer, arm warmers, wind cheater jacket, thermal long bib shorts and Proviz‘s new REFLECT360 CRS jacket.  Another Kickstarter purchase.  I was that cold that I think my family jewels retracted so far into my body, I could feel them in my nose.

Started up the bike lights, aBlaze Burner, yet another Kickstarter purchase and started to pedal.  I decided to make use of London’s Cycle Superhighway and head out and loop Hyde Park.  Traffic was relatively light for London’s rush hour but at every set of traffic light I hit a red light.  In the end I managed 14 miles and it took an hour, with all the stopping I did not warm up till about lunchtime.  Outside of the rush hour and busy life of London, it does throw up some cracking views.

Anyone for a dip in the waters?



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