Dashbon Sonabuds

I have mentioned before I like a gadget and one funded through Indiegogo, arrived unannounced on Wednesday.  As an iPhone user and using the new 7Plus, I don’t enjoy the new limitation of listening to music through the headphones and charging at the same time.  I could of course, buy a cable but that is the easy option.

I looked at the idea of Bluetooth in-ear headphones but refuse to pay Apple’s price for the EarPods and quite frankly they make you look ridiculous!!  Then a project from Dashbon appeared.  There were some decent reviews on their audio products and the backing pledge was at a reasonable price.  So I funded the project a few months ago, pledging enough for a set of pods and a charging case.

I was cycling into work for a night shift so thought I would take them, the case is compact and fitted nicely into my jersey pocket.

Put them on charge for the time advised for first use, ensuring I did not damage them with being too eager.  I used the YouTube video provided by Dashbon to demonstrate connecting with your phone, connecting the primary pod was easy.  Connecting the two pods was a different matter.  Both pods need a triple click at the same time and at the correct speed, if this is not achieved then no connection.  After the forth attempt, some swearing and cursing the connection was finally made.

Initial use, I was impressed.  They fit snuggly into the ear, and someone who suffers from keeping Apple headphones in my ears, I was very happy.  The sound quality is fine for this type of headphone.  Dashbon advise HD quality, I am not sure what they judged this against?  If you are in a quite room with no other noises they are really good.  The minute other noise is introduced into the equation, you loose the depth of the bass.

Riding home from a night shift, about 10 miles from home, I started to breath out of my backside.  I stopped to take a breather, a bite of energy bar and I thought now was a good time to try the headphones out.  Give me another focus.  Dashbon’s campaign video showed active people using the devices.  **For the record, I do not condone using headphones whilst riding.  It is down to personal opinion and will always create heated discussions.  I feel it does remove one of your senses and one of the important ones.**

Put the pods in and started up Spotify.  The problems began straight away.  Before I had even put my phone in my rear jersey pocket, the sound started to cut out.  I put this down to pull signal coverage on my phone with streaming music.  I choose an album downloaded to the phone.  It did not improve, it became unbearable, after 3 songs I stopped the music.


I did think that my Garmin 1000 which also runs off the Bluetooth on the phone.  Could be a conflict so I removed the Garmin.  Still did not improve.  My thoughts were ‘what a load of crap, these are not fit for function.’

I continued the ride home and then started to randomly hear quiet white noise in the primary bud, only lasting for a few seconds, recognisable but annoying.  If that was not enough I started hearing a double peep, assumed this was a battery issue.  I’d only played 3 songs!!!! In the following 30 minutes I had the voice saying ‘connected’, 7 times.  I am pretty sure these weren’t the voices in my head!!

Even the notifications coming through to the phone kept cutting out.


Returning home I looked onto the campaign page and started to read the comments and people suffering from similar issues.  Dropping out, video lagging, unable to sync buds and charging issues.

No response has come from Dashbon as yet but I did apply the IT help desk for port of call.

I unpaired the buds and started again.  The setup was quicker 2nd time around and less swearing.

I have tested them at every opportunity and so far I have not encountered any of the problems above.  I’ve been out walking, the phone has been placed the furthest away from the SonaBuds that I could put it.  No cut out of music.  I used them in the office last night and walked to another room, still no drop of signal.  If this had been my first impressions I would be singing their praises and telling everyone that if they purchased them they would not be disappointed.  The only minor niggle I have now is double tapping to skip a track.  It’s easily done but does feel I’m pushing the bud further in.

I am still going to test them and update the blog.


2 thoughts on “Dashbon Sonabuds

  1. Glad you got them working Scott. Interesting to see what you think of them after a longer period of use and testing.

    I’ve looked at a couple on Kickstarter etc, I know you get a good deal but sometimes wonder if it’s worth the gamble as projects like the Limits Power Meter have been a near disaster from what I’ve heard from people who backed them.

    I have backed several smaller projects and been happy with the product so I suppose it all depends on how much the person is willing to gamble.

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