A ride for the century

With the van in the garage with a potential head gasket issue, it required a round trip to work via bike.  Not that this is a bad thing but after a night shift, the journey home can be a little tiresome.  By the weekend I had beaten by weekly winter mileage but wanted to break the century.  Forecast for this morning was not great.  As usual the sun came out just as I arrived home, that is typical.  I headed out for a short 17 miles, no real route planned but pointed the bike and pedalled. I have miscalculated my distance before and have ended up being less than a half a mile from the century.  So I ended up riding for 22 miles.

I decided to cycle up Tilty Hill, a hill between Dunmow and my finish line.  It’s not steep but one of those that just saps your speed.  That’s my excuse for not getting up there at winning the KOM!!!

I have filmed the climb on the GoPro and I have increased the speed of filming.  I have to be honest this is not the speed of my climb.  Just in case Movistar phone and want to sign me as a pro?

Finished the week at 106.5 miles/171.4km and very happy with that for January.  Better keep the momentum going.


5 thoughts on “A ride for the century

  1. Swear it’s called Tilty because you have to tilt into the crosswind to stay upright! I prefer the opposite direction coming from Broxted to that way

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