Energy, that constant search

I am always interested in trying new energy drinks, gel or bars to aid my cycling.  Trying to find that happy balance and something that is right for me. Dry bars, sweet or claggy gels resulting in downing a powdery drink to remove the taste, the worse combination.

Getting your energy intake and timing right on a ride is a challenge, each individual is different and I cannot afford a sports doctor or nutritionalist.  Plus, where is the fun in that? I’ve never really done as I’m told anyway.

Listening to a podcast from Whitelee Warriors, Stu mentioned about FireStar, energy provided in a small 25g sachet. Just pour it into your mouth and it gives 2-4 hours of effective duration (market estimate, according to their website).  I thought I would have a look at their website and contact them to see if any samples where available.  Tom from FireStar was quick to respond and a sample quickly arrived the following day.  Now that was fast!

Firestar Samples

I have looked at the information on their website and my idea of an energy drink and what is listed on the site are two different things.  FireStar is compared to the likes of Monster, Relentless and Redbull and I personally have an issue with this type of drink.  Full of sugar and addictive, the only time I have had a Redbull is when it was complimented with a jagerbomb, those are not that often either.  Too old to deal with the hangover anyway…

Each sachet is less than 10 calories, compared to the 220 calories from an energy drink but then the volume of the energy drink is larger.  Ingredients consist of caffeine, sugar, flavouring and vegetable oil, standard so the proof is going to be in the testing.  I like how compact they are so this will allow easy storage in your cycling jersey or saddle bag.

I think to be the most effective for me, taking one before a ride, the estimated duration should easily cover my winter rides.  However, I am concerned about the come down.  10 calories per sachet and potentially a pure caffeine hit, which for a sport I’m not sure will work?


3 thoughts on “Energy, that constant search

  1. Hi Tempo Cyclist & BackonTrack-
    Our Cola and Ice Mint contain 120mg of caffeine and the Ice Mint MAX and Cherry Max contain 180mg of caffeine. With the sustained energy release technology in FireStar Energy you should not feel the “come down” effect that you get from the other energy products. Our regular products last for 2 hours and the max products last for 4 hours. Let me know if you have any other questions by emailing direct at brad at firestarenergy dot com.


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