Zwift – The Volcano Expansion

I had seen over social media that Zwift were planning on expanding Watopia and early screen shots showed a little Volcano route.  Checking on Twitter this morning, it was buzzing with other users experiencing the new route.  For this mornings roller ride I decided to give it a go.

When Zwift opens it gives you the route option, there are now two Volcano related routes to try.  The ride through the volcano is relatively short and flat, around 2.5 miles (4.02 kilometers for those non-Brexit people) and a nice change of scenery.

I selected the Volcano Route and started pedalling.  There is a faster way to the Volcano, this requires a u-turn at the start, head up Ocean Hill and turn right. Not much of a warm up so I decided to complete 5 miles before entering the ‘mouth of the Volcano’ (best said with the accent of evil).

Heading for the smoke
Heading downhill
Still heading down
A couple of cheeky switchbacks

Entering the volcano

Here comes the lava

Out the other side
Total loop back to the start line is around 7.5 miles. 

A nice addition to the Watopia map. 


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