Altum Kickstarter Campaign

For those that religiously follow the ‘Cycling Rules’, saddle bags are frowned upon… That is what jersey pockets are designed for. So to those people, I insert a blowing raspberry noise! (Please add this noise yourself and wipe down whatever device you have currently sprayed) I carry the bare minimum to save weight, but enough to get me out of trouble at the roadside; spare inner tubes, Co2 cannister and applicator, tyre levers and a multi tool.

Whilst looking through Kickstarter a product by Altum Designs appeared, a multi tool and roll that caught my eye.  I currently carry a Swiss Army knife style of multi tool.  I have had it a few years now and it does look distressed.  This has not been through use but from sitting in the saddle bag gathering dust.  When it has been used I have found it to be a little cubersome and certainly a distinct lack of leverage.

Altum Modual Tool System


The 14 function tool system arrived and first impressions, I was impressed. The roll feels tough and rugged plus the velcro fastenings are very strong, so strong that I wondered if the stitching will give before the velcro releases.  he clasp that holds everything together gives a positive click when in situ and gives the confidence that it will not ping open on the first bump in the road. The roll also has a zipped compartment for a payment card or cash and I really liked the stitched in magnet, great for holding any loose bolts or tool heads when completing a small roadside repair. On the underside of the roll is some elasticated webbing for an inner tube. You may get two in there but would require some inner tube origami! Without the inner tube the whole system is small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, therefore appealing to those that follow ‘the rules’.

The main tool feels weighty and very positive in the hand.  It has two tyre levers neatly slotted into the side of the tool. Their angled hook is impressive and will provide decent leverage against any tyre bead and rim. There are a good range of heads from 2mm to 8mm hex, T25, Philips and flathead screwdriver options. There is not a need to carry all of these, with the main tool being magnetised, up to 4 heads can fit snuggly in the centre body. A nice touch was a personalised, hand written compliments slip. It’s things like that give  you a little warm, appreciated feeling!

The Altum
Decontructed Tool Roll
In situ

I normally carry a gas canister and applicator and had reservations that it would not fit but this was not an issue.  The tool roll closed as if the extra items were not even there.

The setup for me

The inclusion of spoke keys and straight or right angled tool position is a nice addition.  I am really happy and it will be go from the winter bike onto the summer bike.

The tool system and roll is available on their website Altum for £39.99 and well worth the money.



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