An evening at the track

At Christmas there is not much I ask for.  Loads of stuff I want but this is usually restricted by lack of funds or Lainey telling me no, this is part due to over excitement and poor atttempts at convincing her that we really need a wifi enabled kettle.

My wish list for Christmas, birthdays or if you just fancy buying me a gift is pretty short.  Jack Daniels or any kind of cycling related items and you are in my good books!

This Christmas I was given money, solely for track sessions.  For those that have not tried track cycling I would highly recommend it; 250m Olympic Track, fixed wheel bikes with no brakes and a 45º bank.  I would suggest beginning with a taster session and give it a go, I did and have been hooked ever since.  I am currently heading for my level 3 accreditation and a few nights ago attended a session in Group Techniques.  If it was anything like the Speed Techniques earlier in the month it would be a good session, and it was.  My legs are still feeling it a few days later.

I am lucky my main job resides in Islington so I pass the Lee Valley Velodrome on my way to and from work.  It’s a great place to train in the winter, mainly as the track is warm and I can get my legs and arms out. Easy tiger!

It was a cracking two hours and I was lucky to meet some familiar faces from previous sessions. It does start to get a bit competitive but it’s a great way to keep up the winter training.


Lee Valley Velodrome has a lot to offer so for those not interested in the track, there are other activities available.  With warmer weather just on the horizon, you could try the 1 mile road circuit, an ideal place for a chaingang session.  If the off-road scene is more your style then there is the Olympic BMX track and MTB circuit, all situated within the confides of the road circuit.

Group Techniques – The Washing Machine

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