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My main job, the one that keeps a roof over our heads, means I have an hours commute to and from work.  With the extorinate price of a rail ticket, it is cheaper and easier to drive into London.

For the journey I often listen to music from iTunes and Spotify but occasionally take a break and listen to the spoken word.  So I have a few podcasts that I enjoy listening to.  I have tried many but end up returning to my cycling comfort zone.

From the Back On Track Cyling group I have been asked for interesting cyling podcasts, so I thought I would share with the masses through this blog.

New to the fold is the Whitelee Warriors podcast and worth subscribing to show support.  A new venture for the Warriors and a job well done by Stu Russell.  Not a particularly long podcast, usually about 20 minutes.  Enough time to cover the lastest cycling information, the weekly fail, the Warriors recent activities and updates on the Beatson Cancer Charity.  A cancer charity that the Warriors support wholeheartedly.  Available through iTunes and their website.

I class The Cycling Podcast as the serious older brother of the group.  All 3 memebers have a wealth of knowledge and a mass of experience, writing for tabliods and other publications.  For the hour you hear the lastest information from the world of cycling and it is a lot.  The expereince of Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore and Lionel Birnie makes for a well presented podcast.  Always happy to air their views and provide decent conversation.  They also have a few spin off podcasts, for a small yearly cost you can have access to the Friends of the Podcast.  A series of special podcast, usually 1 a month with more indepth look at what makes cycling great.  Coverage of the women’s events covered by the Podcast Feminin.  During the larger tours, a daily podcast arrives.  If you are unable to watch the particular tour then The Cycling Podcast certainly paints quite a picture of the days events.  Available through iTunes and their website.

Finally there is Speed Metal Cycling which I think will be marmite for some.  This podcast is very opinionated, straight talking, very funny and normally the first 20 minutes of the hour podcast has nothing to do with cycling.  4 friends talking about cycling and no idea where the conversation may lead.  Coverage of the latest races and will usually choose a rider for their focus. Commentators and journlists can not sit pretty as they are often mentioned for misprenounciation of riders names.  Natalia is the newest memeber to join the podcast and offers the latest women’s race information.  Sometimes the podcast can feel a bit rough, it can be very random and to be honest offers something fresh.  They still mentioned feeling humbled by the amount of people that still listen and come back for more.  I will be looking forward to the next podcast as the whole disc debte will be an interesting one.  Available through iTunes and their website.


6 thoughts on “Cycling Podcasts

  1. Never thought of searching for a cycling podcast so thanks for the insight. I have subscribed to Speed Metal-sounds like an infrequent cricket poddie called BYC which I like so I’ll give it a go

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