Fog, no brakes and The Blue Egg

Today was one of the first road rides for Back On Track that involved more than two riders.  It is always great to get out but even better when there are more of you.

I’d been watching the forecast and decided to delay the start of the ride. The walk to school had demonstrated the amount of ice under foot and it was a slippery affair.  Also according to the weather app I utilise, the fog was clearing at 1100.  I’d looked at another app and it clearly stated there was no fog, I wonder where they got their information from?

At 10am we met in the usual spot and decided on a nice gentle ride out to the Blue Egg.  A popular coffee shop/post office/garden centre with cyclists.  Good food, cracking coffee and a warm welcome.  I say a nice gentle ride, we all seem to have a different dictionary definition.

A foggy and cold morning so off we headed.  One of the guys had washed his bike since the last ride and discovered he still had the brake quick release open.  This became evident whilst descending Tilty Hill, not a particularly steep hill but with no brakes and a T junction at the end, does provide a bottom clenching moment.  Obviously we showed our concern with the usual smiles and asking if he needed to change his cycling shorts.

Attached is a short video, still playing with the GoPro and editing software.

Feeling slightly moist from the dampness in the air, the Blue Egg was a welcomed break.  Wet cleats and a tiled floor is always a test for a cyclist’s ability to walk.  Funnily enough we picked a table closest to the door, avoiding any Bambi embarrassment.  After warming up, a couple of coffees a piece plus cake, it was time to head home.  The fog had closed in and the temperature had dropped.  So the best thing to do was cycle home faster than we arrived, the old let’s take it easy approach.  It never fails.

The ride home was hard and the weight of good cake was starting to be noticed.  That is my excuse and I will stick to it.

Finally home and I could begin to thaw out, once the bike had been washed, of course.

Don’t think much to the Essex Road Mudpack

Who are the Back On Track Cycling Club?

So how did Back On Track Cycling start? A question that has yet to be asked by the most powerful minds of the world.

I have a main job that consists of shifts so a 48 hour week is completed in 4 days.  I was looking for something to fill my time.  I have always ridden bikes and attempted my own repairs, sometimes successfully but as a kid it’s the only way to learn.

As a family we moved to a new estate and many of my new neighbours had bikes.  Suddenly I began to assist with theirs, from this Back On Track Repairs was born.  I am lucky to have had help from C&D Cycles, based in Kettering.  This is an independent shop that is run by my best friend, he offered some guidance and I spent a week working with him and honing my skills.

Back On Track as a repair business has grown and even though I enjoy seeing people back on their bikes, my main love is cycling.  Through local repairs I have met others whose work patterns also consist of shifts and we started to ride during the week.  Just a few of us to start off with and now we have a regular turn out for cycling, coffee (some in the group even drink tea!!!) and cake.  We are still small and have 54 cyclists on the Strava group but looking forward to the summer when more will join us.  Rides are posted out on the Strava group including details of speed and distance.

I organised a ride New Years Day and another local club Dunmow Velo joined us.  In total we had 14 riders for a 30 mile loop, a nice leisure spin of 15mph average and such a pleasant ride.  Hopefully later in the year, when the weather is warmer and the sun is shining another ride will be organised, a little more of an endurance ride.

Plus our cycling kit has been approved by British Cycling and submission is ready to be entered for affiliation.

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Ian Appleby the Adonis
Back On Track at a local charity ride
A ride out
The old and new cycling jersey
Roadside puncture repair
Back On Track Cycling lead out
Where it all started, Back On Track Repairs

New Years Day Ride

I had BIG plans for this blog, the official launch date for the Back On Track Cycling blog.  A feast for the eyes with video and photographs but tech let me down.  I say tech, it may have been user error in setting up GoPro Quik app.  To be honest I don’t blame myself, I never do anything wrong, just ask Mrs T.

I organised a New Years Day ride for Back On Track Cycling and invited a local cycling club, Dunmow Velo to join us, around 10 riders turned up.  The forecast was a little dodgy with torrential rain for 1100, this did depend on which weather app you used.  Luckily the rain held off but the roads were still a little wet.

I’d organised the ride to sit at a steady 15mph and did we stick to it, no!!!  Admittedly it was downhill for a few miles and 17 creeped into 18mph.  The pace was eventually bought back.

After a toilet break on the route, ‘even Chris Froome needs to pee’ someone exclaimed, we continued the last few miles.  Essex roads have been redressed and there is a lethal combination of loose gravel and wet roads.  Thankfully we all managed to stay up right and only resulted in one puncture.


No point in us all getting involved so let’s all stand around while one completed the repair.

My plan was to take a few short video clips, edit them and put a short film together, showing the ride in it’s full glory, well the bits that made us look good.  My inner Spielberg materialised and the filming commenced.

All was going to plan until I came back home, plugged in the GoPro, the Quik app opened downloaded 1 of 5 clips.  Kept the 1 and deleted all the others!!!  I am struggling to use this app so will continue with GoPro Studio and hopefully keep some of my work.

Below is the video that I was left with and edited.  I hope you enjoy

I’d like to say thanks for all those who joined Back On Track Cycling today.  The ride was enjoyable and met some new fellow cyclist.


Happy New Year to everyone and ride safe out there.