A solo 55

A short film, still playing with the GoPro and editing.  I think Speilberg can rest easy…….for now!!!  (insert evil laugh)



Pressures of Blogging

I am not a writer, and I do not write a lot.  My brain works quicker than my fingers do and words are missed or the predictive text takes over.  I have never been versed with copious amounts of words that complete the English language.  Well I know a lot of words, whether I can use them correctly, spell them or even know what they mean is a different matter.

My intension with the Back On Track Cycling blog was to take fellow cyclist or those with an interest in my meandering text on a journey and hopefully an insight into something I am passionate about.

When I have written a blog I pass it onto my wife, Lainey.  She has been fantastic with her support.  She has proof read all my blogs before publication and this has been needed.  The day will arrive, at some point in the distant future, when it will be perfect, no over use of comma,s, flowing sentences, painting a beautiful picture with words and more importantly making sense.

Following the latest blog, she mentioned they had lost some focus, not as well written as those from the beginning and reading as if I have written with my main occupation’s hat on.  Those that know are aware of my other job, for those that don’t, I work for one of the emergency services.  I am in charge of a shift so report writing comes with the territory.  This type of report writing is regimented, clinical and needs to be matter of fact.  It is not often that I am required to flower things up so feel I have dropped into my default.

This did make me think so I went back to read my first and then my last blog. Don’t tell her this, but she was right!  I am new to blogging, I really enjoy it but finding the balance between meaningful pieces and dumping half hearted drivel into the internet is not always easy.  Rather than feel the pressure of publishing a blog every few days, just take your time.  Wait till there is something worth writing about, re-introduce the passion that I started with and apply that formula to all.

That is not to say every piece will deserve an award for literacy but to remember why the blog was started in the first place.  When I write about cycling and if my wife (who is not too keen on cycling, watching cycling, hearing about cycling, seeing a husband head to toe in figure hugging lycra or seeing a new piece of cycling equipment arrive daily) finds it a little interesting, then I am onto a winner!

Quite a woman really.

Wind, it’s character building. Some may say

Coffee, cake and cycling. They certainly go hand in hand with Back On Track Cycling.  Recently I floated the idea of riding without stopping for our little luxury.  The reaction did surprise me; “Well what’s the point then?”

The reason for my change of tact with the group ride was to increase my endurance level.  Even though we ride around 50 miles, it is more like two 25 miles rides with a nice rest in between.  I am completing the Fred Whitton Challenge in May and the first rest stop is around 50 miles and to get there I need to climb a few small, insignificant hills.

This weeks ride was just that, a non-stop affair to see how the body would cope and enabling adjustments in food consumption.  0930 at the meet up point and it was just the two of us.  This was known, unfortunately other riders were working shifts. 

Route planned and we set off, no forecast for rain but we knew it would be windy. However the strength of it took us both by surprise.  It’s as if the wind god (other gods are available, depending on belief system) saw us riding and turned the dial to 11.  When you have to pedal downhill to reach 14/15 mph you know the day is going to be interesting!

The roads were damp and as we cut through towards Barkway Golf Course, at points we should have changed our bikes for a cyclocross version.  Simon had removed his mudguards, he soon realised his actions were a bit premature and I did not sit behind him as I did not want to eat the Essex countryside.

After climbing passed the golf course we decided to have a brief respite for a gel.  The wind was picking up but we were in open fields so nothing to stop or divert the onslaught.  After a short cross wind section we were greeted with a left turn and started heading home.  We hoped this would present us with a tail wind but anyone who has ridden with me, knows the wind gods do not look down on me favourably.  We turned left and I think the dial increased to 12 only being given a short break on a 3% climb.

A cracking ride and food consumption adjusted to every 30 minutes but need to add salted nuts or the like to the eating schedule.  The legs ached but showed how much rest we do get at stops.

More longer non-stop distance required…

Non-stop Barkway Ride